Home Improvement DIY Project Suggestions

Home Improvement

Indulging in various DIY projects has become a popular trend nowadays. Therefore, in every neighborhood, there’s usually a DIY home improvement project that takes place at the weekend. A lot of people are hooked in this endeavor because it is very beneficial to homeowners. It’s a great way to save money, and it also helps you to stay healthy. Being a weekend warrior that takes on “Do It Yourself” projects will allow you to complete your home improvement project bit by bit. Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

DIY-ing will also keep you busy on weekends, allowing you to keep your mind and body active that will make you healthier. Having projects like these will also provide you a hobby, further hone your problem-solving capabilities and increase your brainpower. So instead of putting off your home improvement plans for several months, gather your tools, prepare your drill and let your creative juices flow and start working on your project now.

You don’t have to worry if you are a novice when it comes to DIY home improvement, as you can start doing the small projects around your home. Start by tackling simple tasks that do not require a great deal of skill. Household tasks such as installing a new faucet, painting your walls and concealing wall blemishes. Then you can move up and take on bigger tasks.

Home Improvement DIY Project Suggestions that You Can Try

Installing Beadboard for a Fresh New Look

Give your kitchen or bathroom a traditional touch using beaded boards. Make sure to cut holes in the boards to make way for outlets, phone jacks, other wirings and wall necessities. Choose planks that will complement the entire look of the room. You can also dress up your kitchen island with a cozy looking board to highlight your personal touch.

Upcycle an Old Furniture or Table to Add Storage to Your Entry

In case you can’t fit a traditional closet or use a built-in shelving system in your home, you can take an old piece of furniture like a small-scale table that will be perfect beside your door and do some upcycling. Use your skills to add drawers and shelves to make it more storage-savvy, give the top a stylish look and make it functional for busy drop-zone items. You can also use an extra plank of wood and turn it into a wall-mounted shelf above the table where you can hang your keys, IDs, and other important things.

Add Features To Your Entrance To Make It Inviting

Another excellent project to consider is improving your home’s curb appeal by making your entrance more inviting. You can do this by replacing your door or giving it a new paint, then by adding a touch of landscaping. Placing a welcome mat on your doorstep and adding some potted plants near your entrance is also a great idea. You can also consider installing outdoor lighting to highlight your homes architectural feats.

Give Your Space A Facelift By Strip & Stain Wood Cabinets

Spend your weekend by giving your wood cabinets a major facelift, giving them a fresh new look that lightens up the atmosphere of your home. Start the day by removing the cabinet doors and various hardware then wipe them with mineral spirits and completely remove any dirt, dust, and grease. Then apply a gel-type stripper according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then remove the stripper using a plastic putty knife.

Now, you can start sanding the wood with sandpaper. If you have a drill, you can attach a wood sanding drill bit to expedite the sanding process. After sanding, you can now apply your preferred stain. In applying the stain, you can use a disposable sponge brush and apply stain in the same direction as the cabinet’s wood grain. Then let the stain dry thoroughly.  As an optional step, you can make your cabinets more durable by adding a layer of polyurethane seal.