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10 Ways To Use Your Drill

10 Ways To Use Your Drill

Cordless drills are very handy and versatile tools that will help you a lot in various household tasks such as furniture assembly, cupboard building, tightening of loose screws and more. They can also help you with some professional jobs like woodworking, metal works and other professional works. DIY enthusiasts also use this little piece of machinery to aid them in their creative and useful projects.

Due to its portability, versatility, and reliability, cordless drills are considered to be one of the most important tools that every household should have. Offering excellent functionality and flexibility, this device can handle plenty of different tasks. Mostly powered by Li-ion power cells, these cordless devices can operate at high speeds, produce a lot of torque and offer longer runtime, which significantly boosts productivity and efficiency.Continue reading

How To Cut, Drill and Mount Anything to Your Wall

Mounting or hanging something on your wall seems to be a very straightforward task. However, behind those smooth walls can be a lot of things such pipes, electrical wiring and ductwork that might cause severe damage when cutting without a plan. Damaging these things will not only damage your home, but it will also cost you a lot of money for repairs. So to help you do this task, here are the things you can do to avoid damaging what’s behind your walls.Continue reading

Choosing Your First Cordless Drill – Things to Consider When Buying One

A good drill is essential to any home improvement project, whether it’s just a basic maintenance task or a big project to undertake. And buying a cordless one presents plenty of advantages compared to a corded one, it may not be as powerful as the corded, but it will also provide you with the performance you need to get the job done. There are plenty of cordless drills in the market today, however choosing the right one can be tricky. So to help you pick the ideal and perfect cordless drill for you, here are the things you have to consider.

Speed, Power, Handle and Clutch of the Cordless Drill

Power – In the world of cordless drills, power is measured through the battery voltage. The higher the voltage of the drill means the more torque the machine will provide to overcome resistance. Today, higher voltage drills offer more power to bore bigger holes suitable for heavy tasks and projects.

Handle and Grip – Drills that has a soft grip feature and ergonomic design provides users with a better grip and control of the tool. Promoting maximum productivity and better performance. Make sure to go for the cordless drills with a T-handle design and soft grip feature for more balance and better control.Continue reading