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Bosch PSB LI-2 Cordless 10.8 V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Driver Review

Bosch PSB LI-2

The Bosch 10.8 PSB LI-2 is a powerful two-speed cordless impact drill and driver that belongs to the manufacturer’s “Power4All” range of tools that uses the same 10.8 volts lithium-ion battery. A cordless drill that combines a powerful drill with hammer action and screwdriver capability. Featuring a long battery life, this well made power drill is popular to DIY enthusiasts because of its extreme reliability and state of the art features that ensures optimum performance and outstanding durability. Built with a high power two-speed gearbox, this drill is a power tool ideal for any task requirement.Continue reading

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Driver with Two 18 V Batteries Review

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2

PSB 1800 LI-2 is a cordless two-speed hammer drill and driver manufactured by Bosch. Powered by an 18 volts lithium-ion battery, this cordless tool delivers high levels of power. Featuring an ergonomic design that intelligently manages the interaction of the battery, motor and gearbox. This tool is built with the signature Bosch Symeon chip to ensure optimum performance and maximum endurance, making it an ideal cordless power drill for any home improvement projects.Continue reading