Bosch PSB LI-2 Cordless 10.8 V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Driver Review

Bosch PSB LI-2

The Bosch 10.8 PSB LI-2 is a powerful two-speed cordless impact drill and driver that belongs to the manufacturer’s “Power4All” range of tools that uses the same 10.8 volts lithium-ion battery. A cordless drill that combines a powerful drill with hammer action and screwdriver capability. Featuring a long battery life, this well made power drill is popular to DIY enthusiasts because of its extreme reliability and state of the art features that ensures optimum performance and outstanding durability. Built with a high power two-speed gearbox, this drill is a power tool ideal for any task requirement.

As one of the best-selling cordless power drill in the market today, PSB LI-2 is built with 20 pre-adjustable torque settings with a drill and impact drill setting to ensure optimum power for every application. Suitable for any task, this drill is one of the most recommended models of its kind.

Product Features:

  • Impact Function Suitable for Drilling into Masonry
  • Suitable for Screw Driving Tasks
  • Built with Multi Torque Settings
  • Compact and Lightweight Design with A Powerful Engine
  • Featuring Up to 250 Screws with One Battery for All DIY Jobs
  • Keyless Chuck
  • High Power Two-Speed Gearbox with Forward and Reverse Feature

Product Pros:

This drill offers many great features making it one of the leading cordless power drills in the market. Famous for its durability and versatility, Bosch 10.8 PSB LI-2 is built with a two-speed gearbox with 20 pre-adjustable torque setting that allows it to be flexible and suitable to any task.

Product Cons:

The only disadvantage of this product is that it is not suitable to handle hefty tasks. Although it has a powerful motor that features extreme durability, it can’t be used for very heavy workloads that may lead to severe damages.

Final Thoughts:

Bosch 10.8 PSB LI-2 is an excellent powerful tool built with a two-speed gearbox with 20 pre-selectable torque setting that makes it a very versatile tool that suits any task. Packed with plenty of great features and offering optimum performance, this drill is an excellent cordless power tool recommended by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


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