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Planning Your DIY Project

Planning Your DIY Project

Taking on a DIY project no matter what size, will require you to invest time, effort and money. Considering yourself as a “DIY-er” is an undertaking where you must be passionate and committed to what you do. Otherwise, all the money you spend and the time you invested will all go to waste.

Whatever project you decide to pursue, no matter how big or small the project is and despite its level of difficulty, expect that the process will first be slow and you should prepare for anything that may happen during the project.

Planning is the key to the successful DIY project. As the old saying goes, good planning will lead to good stewardship. Now, in this case, it all starts with your planning. Devising a sensible plan will allow you to protect your main “Do It Yourself” goals because you have a well-organized system to follow, a system that enables you to properly manage all your resources and efficiently use them to realize your vision.Continue reading

Makita CLX202AJ Review

Makita CLX202AJ

The Makita CLX202AJ is a Twin Pack that includes the HP331D Combi Drill and TD110D Impact Driver. It is one of the highest-rated of all the Makita cordless drill kits that have an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars and listed at the price of £135.08. It is a powerful and handy set of tools perfect for handling the basic household tasks, DIY projects and professional jobs.

However, this is not a cheap purchase, at around £140, but buying this Makita Twin Pack can arguably be a good buy. Since the tools included in this package are fully equipped with excellent and sophisticated features that can make any job easier, it also offers plenty of great benefits to users.

This CLX202AJ kit manufactured by Makita includes a powerful cordless drill and impact driver. It also includes two Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger and it all comes together and is stored in a good quality kit box. So, although this kit is a bit expensive, purchasing this twin pack will provide you a complete set of two excellent cordless tool, batteries and reliable storage. Making it well worth its price.

How This Makita CLX202AJ Twin Pack Is Rated By Its Buyers and its Users

Checking out the product rating is one of the best ways of finding out learning more about a drill or driver kit. Looking at the actual buyer or user reviews of the kit will give you an idea if it’s good product or not. These are based on a star rating where five is the highest and one is the lowest. These ratings are also very useful since they come from people who already bought and used the product itself, providing first-hand information with regards to a specific product based on their experience on using them.

In the case of this Makita CLX202AJ Twin Pack, the reviews are almost 100% 5-star reviews. This is an impressive rating for any product, and this shows that buyers and users are highly satisfied with this specific drill or driver kit, as it also has no low or negative reviews that show people are really satisfied with this package.

The People That Would Buy This Makita CLX202AJ Twin Pack Kit

With a reliable drill/driver and an impact driver, users will be able to handle almost every task around the house. Having this type of combination kit is for taking on jobs like standard drilling, for all types screws and screw driving. The impact driver can also take care of nut and bolts, which makes this kit a very good choice for people looking to purchase a cordless drill and impact driver.

In most cases, Makita tools are used by DIY enthusiasts, professionals and those working in buildings and constructions trade. However, they are also excellent tools that can handle household tasks and various projects, as one of Makita’s best rated cordless combination kits available in the market. Users can consider this an excellent investment that will prove to be very useful and handy in the long run.

Makita CLX202AJ 10.8 V CXT Combi and Impact Driver with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries in MakPac case – Twin Pack

This 2 Piece Cordless Kit 10.8 V CXT Li-Ion comprises the HP331D Combi Drill, TD110D Impact Driver, two 2.0Ah batteries, charger and a Type 1 Makpac Connector case. These tool models manufactured by Makita are both new in the 10.8-volt platform. They are the successors of the HP330D and TD090D that comes with a slide on Compact Extreme Technology batteries. The HP331D is a furtherly developed model of combi drill that now features a hammer mechanism to drill driver model DF330D, making it a more efficient and reliable machine. The TD110D impact driver, on the other hand, offers a compact design that makes it easy to use. Both also offer a rubberized handle to offer users excellent grip and to provide maximum thrust to a bit.

Both tools included in this Makita CLX202AJ Cordless Kit also feature a single LED job light with pre-glow and after-glow functions perfect for working in dark conditions. The HP331D combi drill features a slide type Li-Ion battery, an electric brake, a mechanical two-speed transmission, 18 torque settings, variable speed control trigger and a keyless chuck. The unit also includes a battery protection circuit specially designed to protect its battery from damages due to high temperature, overload current and over discharge. The combi drill is also equipped with a forward and reverse trigger with an ergonomic soft grip design.

On the other hand, the TD110D impact driver features a slide type Li-Ion battery, electric brake, variable speed control trigger and forward and reverse trigger. The unit is also built with an LED job light as well as an ergonomic soft grip. This impact driver is also equipped with a battery protection circuit to protect the battery from damages due to current overload, high temperature and over discharge.

The CXT Battery that powers both units also feature a higher battery capacity, individual cell monitoring, battery protection circuit, low-temperature performance up to -20 degrees Celsius and battery fuel gauge. It also features a multi-contact slide type terminal that ensures stable contact even in extreme vibration.

Product Features:

  • Two Piece Cordless Kit in the 10.8V CXT Lithium-ion Series
  • Includes HP331D Drill Drive and TD110D Impact Driver
  • Includes two 2.0Ah batteries, charger and a Type 1 Makpac Connector Case
  • Makita HP331D Screwdriver offers high operation efficiency from high rotational speed
  • Combi drill also features improved screw strip management
  • TD110D Impact Driver is very easy to use
  • Both models feature a single LED job light with pre-glow and after-glow functions

The Things the Buyers and Users Love About the Makita CLX202AJ Twin Pack

  • These tools are very useful and powerful that can be very helpful to plenty of tasks
  • The tool included in this twin pack well designed, lightweight and easy to use
  • They feature a nice solid grip that feels well balanced for excellent efficient
  • Both the combi drill and impact driver are equipped with powerful battery
  • These tools are also powered by long-lasting and fast charging batteries

Product Pros:

  • One of the best rated of all the Makita cordless drills
  • Both tools are extremely high-quality products
  • The tools included in this package offer a great range of features
  • Compact, lightweight design yet very powerful tools

Product Cons:

  • Tools can’t be used in heavy-duty screws and screw driving tasks
  • Vibration of the tool is high though it produces minimal sound

Final Thoughts:

For those who are looking for a reliable cordless drill and impact driver, this combination kit is one of your best options. This is a complete package that will provide you two reliable tools that offer excellent and sophisticated features. These tools are perfect for household tasks, DIY projects, and professional jobs. Powerful tools that will make every job easier.

Priced at £135.08 pounds and with a rating of 5 stars from both the buyers and users, these tools will surely give you the best value for your money. An excellent and impressive set of tools that every DIY enthusiasts and professional workers out there!

Ryobi ONE+ Review

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ model is Ryobi’s best rated cordless drill/drivers. This cordless drill is priced at £113.53 and is an excellent investment that will help you in various tasks around your home as well as DIY projects. You can also use this powerful and efficient tool for professional tasks. Powered by an 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery, this powerful little menace will allow you to handle different types of tasks such as drilling into masonry, wood, and screw driving. It is a very versatile and handy tool that will give you the best value for your money.

Ryobi is a well-known brand for manufacturing top of the line tools and cordless drills. Almost all their products have high ratings, making it the top choice for a lot of DIY enthusiasts and professionals out there. This cordless drill model comes with two Li-Ion batteries that can be fully charged in only 45 minutes. It is also a combi drill designed with a hammer function, which makes this Ryobi LLCDI18022 model one of the hottest cordless combi drills available in the market today.

To allow you to get to know this product better, here is a full product review of the Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill. Feel free to read along and learn all the significant and state of the art features of this tool to understand why it belongs to the top products in the market.

Who Will Benefit from Buying the Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+?

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill is the perfect product for those who need a powerful drill that can handle standard to difficult tasks around the home. It is also an ideal tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen taking on various DIY projects and professional jobs. It is manufactured by one of the leading and well-known cordless tool manufacturers; this model is packed with sophisticated and excellent features that make it versatile and efficient.

It features a compact and ergonomic design and is perfect for anyone that needs a combi drill to work outdoors. Powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, this unit also comes with an additional spare power cell that allows a user to use for extended periods of time. It is, therefore, an ideal machine for professionals working out outdoors.

This model is their best rated cordless drill, according to over 100 reviews left by people who have bought and used this product. That should give you some assurance that this is a top-notch product. It is an impressive, powerful tool.

Although this impressive model of cordless combi drill is at the high end of the price point, which is typical of all Ryobi products, it is a very good buy because of its top of the line quality, sophisticated features, and convenience.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill with 2 x 1.3A Batteries and 45 Minute Charger, 18V


Product Description:

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 18 V model is a powerful two-speed combi drill built with hammer function and is considered as one of the best performing drills in its class.

This handy little piece of equipment is designed for drilling into wood, steel, and masonry. It is an excellent Combo Kit that comes with two 1.3 Ah batteries and a charger. This machine has 13 mm keyless chuck that allows a user to drill a variety of hole sizes. The package also includes more choice of bits over a standard 10 mm chuck. LLCDI18022 also allows one-handed bit change to provide ease of use without the need for tools. It is a versatile tool that also comes with a magnetic bit holder and LED job light for better visibility in dark work areas.

The Ryobi LLCDI18022 cordless combi drill is also part of the Ryobi ONE+ range. One+ is considered one of the world’s largest interchangeable cordless power tool systems. With the two power cells included in this kit powering over 35 garden and power tools, it removes the need of buying extra batteries. This tool is also compatible with Ryobi ONE+ lightweight Lithium+ cells, which means it is always ready to use with no self-discharge and no memory effect, providing users long runtime and improved durability. This is a versatile and powerful drill that users can rely on.

Product Features:

  • A combination tool for hammer drilling and screw driving applications
  • This device features a 13-mm keyless chuck for quicker and easier bit change
  • Includes an automatic spindle lock for one-handed bit change
  • Built with two gears that allow this tool to handle many materials and applications
  • Engineered with an electronic variable speed, reverse and brake for total control

Important and Sophisticated Features that Needs to be Mentioned

High Specification Model with Excellent and Impressive Features

When it comes to machine class, Ryobi LLCDI18022 model is one of the best cordless drill/drivers available in the market today. It is packed and equipped with plenty of sophisticated and state of the art features, so it allows users to handle all types of drilling as well as use this device as a cordless screwdriver. The fact that it comes with two fast charging Lithium-Ion batteries also makes it an excellent deal or investment.

Hammer Function

It is equipped with an additional hammer function, so it is more versatile and efficient. It offers multiple functions that will allow users to handle various applications. With the added benefit of a hammer function, this combi drill has the kind of capability that other drills only dream of.

Keyless Chuck

Most of the buyers and users of this tool also think that this model has a very high satisfaction rating because of the metal gearbox it features, ensuring them a longer tool life and usage. This little piece of equipment also has the bigger 13 mm chuck instead of the standard 10 mm chuck found on most of its competitors.

ONE+ Versatility

This model is also part of the Ryobi ONE+ range that makes it compatible with other tools in the same product line. With two batteries, users can purchase any of the other cordless tools in the ONE+ range without a battery, making it a cheaper and better option that will give the user two Ryobi cordless tools with high satisfaction ratings.

What Buyers Liked About the Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+

  • Unit comes with two batteries that are long-lasting and fast to charge
  • Designed with controls that are easy to use and the one-handed changes are beneficial
  • This tool features a compact design and is light in weight yet very robust
  • Excellent choice for adding a new high rating tool from the Ryobi ONE+ range
  • Built with a smooth variable speed and excellent control on the trigger
  • The drill is designed to feel very comfortable in hand and to be very well balanced

Pros & Cons Summary

  • This is one of Ryobi’s best rated cordless tools in the market today
  • Engineered to have a top of the line quality that makes it very durable
  • Equipped with plenty of excellent and sophisticated features for versatility
  • Features a compact and lightweight design yet it’s still very powerful
  • This tool is not suitable for heavy duty tasks that demand a lot of motor work

Final Thoughts:

For those who are looking for a versatile and powerful cordless drill that is very manageable and light in weight yet very powerful, the Ryobi LLCDI18022 ONE+ Cordless Drill/Driver is the right tool for you. Although it features a compact and lightweight design, this little piece machinery has a powerful motor that can provide up to 50 Nm maximum torque. It is packed with impressive and excellent features that make it very versatile, and suitable for various tasks. Priced at £113.53 with a satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this tool is well worth the price and an excellent investment to purchase.

Home Improvement DIY Project Suggestions

Home Improvement

Indulging in various DIY projects has become a popular trend nowadays. Therefore, in every neighborhood, there’s usually a DIY home improvement project that takes place at the weekend. A lot of people are hooked in this endeavor because it is very beneficial to homeowners. It’s a great way to save money, and it also helps you to stay healthy. Being a weekend warrior that takes on “Do It Yourself” projects will allow you to complete your home improvement project bit by bit. Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

DIY-ing will also keep you busy on weekends, allowing you to keep your mind and body active that will make you healthier. Having projects like these will also provide you a hobby, further hone your problem-solving capabilities and increase your brainpower. So instead of putting off your home improvement plans for several months, gather your tools, prepare your drill and let your creative juices flow and start working on your project now.Continue reading

Cordless Drills Buyers Guide

Cordless Drills Buyer Guide

One of the most popular tools on the market today are cordless drills. They are very impressive and considered to be one of the most important tools that every household should have. As a handy and reliable piece of machinery, these compact and cordless equipment are used various tasks. Tasks like building a deck, remodeling a kitchen, changing of bathroom fixtures and smaller tasks such as furniture assembly, tightening of loose screws and removal of useless screws. Having a reliable a good cordless drill will surely make these jobs a lot easier.

Most of the cordless drills in the market today are powered by Lithium-Ion power cells because they offer more power and longer runtime. Due to this Lithium-Ion technology, the development of much powerful and compact cordless tools was realized.Continue reading

DeWalt DCK211D2T Review

DeWalt DCK211D2T

The DeWalt DCK211D2T is a Twin Pack that comprises two of DeWalt’s powerful cordless tools; the popular DCD710 drill and screwdriver and the DCF815 Impact Driver. It is manufactured by one of the leading brands in cordless tool technology, so it is a versatile and powerful pack of tools. This makes this package or twin pack an excellent purchase or investment.

It is considered one of the best combination power tools available in the market today. This cordless combo kit is among the leading products that you can buy in the UK. It features a compact and lightweight design, and the tools included in this pack are the most efficient and convenient to use.

This twin pack or combo kit has 94% satisfaction rate from buyers, making it as one of the best-rated kits you can buy. The DeWalt DCK211D2T combo kit is priced at £189.36, which you can consider being a great deal. The price of these tools can also get lower, but they only happen at certain times.  To get an even better deal, check on them from time and time again.

The Things Included in this Twin Pack​

  • The DeWalt DCD710 drill/driver
  • The DeWalt DCF815 impact driver
  • Two x 10.8-volt Lithium Ion batteries
  • Fast Charger, belt hook, magnetic bit holder and kit box


Now, this complete kit will give you an extremely good value for your money. With these tools that will last you for many years to come, this is a good investment. To understand why this twin pack is an excellent investment, we are going to look closer in this combo kit to understand every piece included in this impressive twin pack.

DeWalt DCK211D2T 10.8V Li-ion Cordless Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver (Twin Pack)

The DeWalt DCK211D2T 10.8-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver Twin Pack are comprised of two 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries, charger and TStak Kitbox. The DCD710 Drill Driver included in this combo kit features a compact, lightweight design, and 15 positions adjustable torque control for easier and consistent screw driving. These features make it an ideal tool to handle a variety of materials as well as different sizes of screws. It is also built with all-metal gearing to provide efficient power transmission and longer tool life. It has an LED job light for better visibility in dark work areas. Other features also include 10mm single sleeve keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for quicker and easier bit change, two-speed settings, variable speed and reverse function switch.

On the other, the DCF815 Impact Driver has a compact, durable design and can deliver up to 107 Nm of torque. The tool’s all-metal gearing also provides efficient power transmission and long tool life, and the aluminum front housing provides greater heat dispersion increasing motor life. Other features of the unit include 6.35mm ‘drop in’ keyless hex driver which allows for quick, one-handed fitment and 3 LED ‘Halo’ ring which provides maximum illumination to the workpiece.

The DeWalt DCD710 Cordless Drill Review

The DeWalt DCK211D2T model comes with the manufacturer’s popular DCD710 drill and screwdriver that features a 15-position torque setting. This excellent and sophisticated setting provides the user to have a choice of torques that allows the tool to drive screws into different types of wood without damaging the wood surface. The gears on this drill are metal which means this tool will last for a long time. This cordless drill is also built with a 10mm keyless chuck, automatic spindle lock, two-speed settings with a variable speed, forward and reverse function and finally, an LED light for working in dark areas. Although this is only a 10.8-volt cordless drill, it packs a lot of power, so users will not struggle to drill or drive through​ many tough materials with this versatile and efficient tool.

The DeWalt DCF815 Impact Driver Review

DeWalt DCK211D2T Combo Kit also comes with the popular DCF815 of DeWalt, and it is a powerful little beast. Like the drill, this impact driver has a metal housing and gears to boost its durability and power transmission, making it very efficient and last longer. It is also has a built-in LED job light ideal for working in poorly lit areas. It is also engineered to have a powerful motor that makes it one of the best choice of professionals and DIYers.

With these two compact but powerful cordless tools, users will have two excellent pieces of kit that will enable them to do almost any drilling or driving jobs around the home. These impressive tools allow the user to take on almost any DIY projects and professional tasks. They may seem smaller due to their 10.8-volt battery, but these are powerful little beasts that can take on a lot of jobs and do it efficiently and perfectly.

Product Features:

  • Both tools feature a compact and lightweight design for convenient use
  • DCD710 drill has a 15-position adjustable torque control for consistent screw driving
  • DCD710 drill also features a 10mm single sleeve keyless chuck with spindle lock
  • DCF815 impact driver has an all metal gearing for efficient power transmission
  • DCF815 impact driver also features an aluminum front housing for durability
  • Both machines have a built-in LED job light for better visibility in dark areas
  • Drill and impact driver has a very powerful motor for optimum performance

What Actual Buyers and Users Have To Say About this DeWalt DCK211D2T Twin Pack

One of the best ways of learning about a certain product is by listening to what the actual buyers and users of the product say. Not only that it will give you an idea about the product’s performance, but they will also give you information about their first-hand experience with the product. Significant information like what they like about the product and what complaints do they have about it. To get to know more about the DeWalt DCK211D2T Combo Kit, here are some of its buyers and user have to say.

This product is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars which means that it is a very good product. Most of the buyers and users of this product are highly satisfied due to the sophisticated and excellent features that these tools offer. Priced at £189.36, this is a combo kit that is well worth your money. It is an investment that will last for ages and will give you the best value for your money!

Final Thoughts:

The DeWalt DCK211D2T Combat Kit is a great package that will give you two of DeWalt’s excellent cordless tools; the DCD710 Cordless Drill and the DeWalt DCF815 Impact Driver. The impressive compact and lightweight tools are designed to provide optimum performance and excellent efficiency. With 4.7 out five stars rating and priced at £189.36, this is an excellent buy. Not only will it give you two of the manufacturer’s best cordless tools, but they also ensure extreme durability that will serve you for a long time, allowing you to maximise the use of the tool and your investment. With the excellent and sophisticated features of this tool, they are suitable for any job around the house, and they can also take on DIY projects as well as professional tasks. This pack is a very smart investment that will give you the best value for your money!

10 Ways To Use Your Drill

10 Ways To Use Your Drill

Cordless drills are very handy and versatile tools that will help you a lot in various household tasks such as furniture assembly, cupboard building, tightening of loose screws and more. They can also help you with some professional jobs like woodworking, metal works and other professional works. DIY enthusiasts also use this little piece of machinery to aid them in their creative and useful projects.

Due to its portability, versatility, and reliability, cordless drills are considered to be one of the most important tools that every household should have. Offering excellent functionality and flexibility, this device can handle plenty of different tasks. Mostly powered by Li-ion power cells, these cordless devices can operate at high speeds, produce a lot of torque and offer longer runtime, which significantly boosts productivity and efficiency.Continue reading

10 Awesome DIY Projects

10 DIY Projects

DIY or “Do It Yourself” projects is slowly becoming a trend nowadays. A lot of people are hooked to this because it’s very beneficial to them. Aside from being a constructive hobby, it is a cheaper way of getting some things done. It also provides a great feeling of satisfaction every time a project is completed as well as a deeper attachment to the end product. DIY projects offer real hands-on ways to realize your dreams, giving way for your creative juices and imagination to flow.

Anyone can DIY almost everything if they have the proper and suitable tools for their projects. From small creative crafts to woodworking projects all the way to ambitious and complex projects, you can do them by yourself. Most DIYers are tackling woodworking projects which commonly started as a hobby.

If you haven’t tried to do a DIY project, consider having one to understand and experience what makes it a very popular trend.Continue reading

Makita HP457D 18 V Cordless Li-ion Combi Drill Kit Review

Makita HP457D

The Makita HP457D is an 18V compact and lightweight combi drill suitable for drilling into wood, plastic, metal and masonry. Featuring an all metal gear construction for added durability, this drill is built with an ergonomic design that comes with a rubberized soft grip to provide excellent control and comfort. Fitted with a single sleeve keyless chuck, this machine allows easy bit installation and removal. This drill also comes with two 1.3 Ah Li-ion batteries, a compatible charger and a canvas carry bag.Continue reading

Different Types of Cordless Drills Suitable for Various Applications

Cordless Drill-Drivers – This is the most common type of wireless drills in the market. Drills of this kind are appropriate for the most common household tasks, maintenance and light construction jobs.  Commonly comes with 3/8 or 1/2 inch chuck, drill-drivers are ideal for handling any home improvement projects. Drills with the 3/8 chuck are more suitable for DIYers that takes on the typical home maintenance tasks and small projects. While the drills with 1/2 chuck offer more torque making it flexible and appropriate for larger jobs.

Wireless Compact Drills – This is a miniature version of drill drivers that has a more compact and lightweight design. Allowing users to reach confined areas in light and medium drilling applications. Most compact drills feature a slick design that can comfortably fit in pockets, promoting portability and convenience. And because of its size and weight, these drills are very manageable and easy to control, making it more user-friendly compared to other cordless drills.

Impact Drivers – An ideal tool for automobile technicians an impact driver is commonly used for driving nuts and bolts. Which makes it a suitable tool for changing tires and working on brakes. Since this device is designed to focus more on driving, this machine is not ideal for boring wood or drilling holes. But on the other hand, there several models of impact drivers that feature clutch settings, variable transmissions and torque settings that make the tool versatile and suitable for both driving and drilling applications.

Hammer Drills – Considered as the “Big Boy” of cordless drills, hammer drills are designed to handle the tough jobs such boring holes, concrete jobs and light masonry work. Mostly used for construction projects it is a tool capable of providing more torque and power. Because this tool handles some of the toughest tasks, some hammer drill models are built exactly like their tethered equivalent. Providing more power and promoting durability.

Given this useful information with regards to cordless power drills and their power source, you will have the necessary knowledge on how to choose the ideal device suitable for your needs. It will guide you to get the right machine appropriate tool that will serve you well and give you the best value for your money.

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